Male Nurse Sexually Abused Man's Very Ill Wife, He Claims
10-4-2017 00:27:00

     PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) – A male nurse sexually abused a very ill woman, who has since died, her widower claims in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Kaiser Doctor Botched Epidural, Woman Claims
10-4-2017 00:04:00

     PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) – A Kaiser doctor botched a woman’s epidural during childbirth, instead, injecting air into her spinal canal, she claims in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Severely Injured Passenger Blames Bus Driver and Kaiser
10-3-2017 23:58:00

OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) – When the bus he was riding suddenly stopped, a Kaiser patient was thrown out of his unstable Kaiser-provided wheelchair and injured, according to an action filed in Alameda County Superior Court.

Woman Claims Ball Knocked Her Out of Work
10-3-2017 23:40:00

TACOMA, Wash. (CN) – A sign language interpreter assisting a Kaiser physical therapy patient claims she was injured when a large exercise ball hit her on the back of the head, according to a suit filed in U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington.

Misdiagnosis Sends Disabled Grandfather to Jail, He Claims
10-3-2017 23:27:00

SAN JOSE, Calif. (CN) - A new Kaiser patient with multiple physical disabilities was misdiagnosed with severe mental impairment, resulting in assault and detention by police, according to the man’s suit.

Kaiser Covered Up a Patient Fall, Suit Claims
10-3-2017 23:27:00

ROCKVILLE, Md. (CN) - A 73-year-old Kaiser patient, a known fall risk, was not protected from falling, and when he fell out of bed, it was not disclosed or treated, his lawsuit claims.

Kaiser Boss Targeted Filipinos, Fired Nurse Claims
10-3-2017 23:24:00

     GREENBELT, Md. (CN) – A new boss targeted Filipinos, a fired nurse claims in court.

Kaiser Cheats Its Call Center Reps, $5M Class Action Claims
10-3-2017 23:22:00

OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser demands that its call center representatives perform certain pre- and post-shift tasks off the clock and during meal breaks, according to a class action.

Kaiser Robo Calls Prompt Class Action, Recipient Says
10-3-2017 23:19:00

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) -- Kaiser uses autodialers to make marketing calls in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a class claims.

Kaiser Worker Fired After Questioning Missing Pay, She Says
10-3-2017 23:19:00

GREENBELT, Md. (CN) – A recently promoted Administrative Assistant working for Kaiser claims she was fired after repeatedly asking about four hours her supervisor removed from her timecard.

Mom With Airway Constriction Served Solid Food, Died, Son Says
8-14-2017 19:47:00

WASHINGTON (CN) – A woman admitted to a Kaiser hospital for severe breathing difficulties died because she was not monitored when staff left her alone, her son claims. His wrongful death lawsuit was filed in the District of Columbia Superior Court, District of Columbia.

Kaiser Patient Dies Due to Staff Inattention, Son Claims
8-14-2017 19:47:00

WASHINGTON (CN) – A Kaiser patient with severe airway constriction died when left unattended, her son claims in a suit filed in the District of Columbia Superior Court.

Kaiser Fired Nurse on a Pretext, She Claims
8-14-2017 19:46:00

     ALAMEDA, Calif. (CN) – Kaiser fired a nurse right after a medical leave, wrongfully accusing her of racism, she claims in Alameda County Superior Court.

No Help to Handle Aggressive Patients, Worker Claims
8-14-2017 19:46:00

     SEATTLE (CN) – Kaiser did not help a worker deal with aggressive patients, then fired her on a pretext, she claims in King County Superior Court.

Sexual Harassment Alleged in Kaiser’s IT Department
7-21-2017 02:19:00

     ALAMEDA, Calif. (CN) – A Kaiser IT worker claims in Alameda County Superior Court that a male co-worker made lewd comments and gyrated his hips on her.