Undiagnosed Brain Bleed Killed Woman, Husband Says
8-9-2013 22:49:00

     DECATUR, Ga. (CN) - A brain hemorrhage went undiagnosed, killing a “vibrant wife, mother and business professional,” her husband claims in a complaint filed in DeKalb County State Court.
     Ernest Rosenburg, Jr. says in his complaint that his wife, Jessica Guillory Rosenburg was seen at Kaiser Permanente Panola Medical Center for “a severe and throbbing headache,” on March 13, 2012.
     The headache was so bad as to make Mrs. Rosenburg cry, and she was also vomiting and had "visual disturbances,” the complaint states.
     Dr. Ramona Styles-Burrows diagnosed a migraine, ordered a CT scan for the next day and sent her home with prescriptions for ketoralac, promethazine, sumatriptan succinate and endocet, after an injection with torodol, according to the complaint.
     The next day’s CT scan did not turn up any hemorrhages or blockages, according to the complaint.
     However, two days later “Mrs. Rosenburg continued to suffer with the throbbing headache, which was increasing in intensity,” and returned to Kaiser where she was seen by Dr. Lewin Chuachiaco, the complaint continues.
     “Despite Mrs. Rosenburg’s continued complaints, Dr. Chuachiaco failed to order or perform any further diagnostic testing. Instead, Dr. Chuachiaco reviewed Mrs. Rosenburg’s CT results with her and diagnosed her with a mixed headache, acute upper respiratory infection and neck pain. Additionally, Dr. Chuachiaco opined that Mrs. Rosenburg’s congested ears may have been aggravating her headache,” and recommended Sudafed and five prescription medications – levofloxacin, methocarbamol, prednisone, ibuprofen and oxycodone, according to the complaint. He told her “to rest, drink fluids and return if her symptoms were not better within a couple of days,” it says.
     Unfortunately, the next day, “Mrs. Rosenburg collapsed and was taken by ambulance to Northside Hospital Emergency Department,” where a second CT scan revealed a brain hemorrhage “in the right parietal lobe with shift and herniation,” according to the complaint.
     The day after that, March 18, Jessica Rosenburg was pronounced brain dead, the complaint says – five days after first visiting Kaiser for the headache.
     Ernest Rosenburg, Jr. is represented by Audrey M. Tolson and Candace J. Rogers of The Tolson Firm in Atlanta. 13a48181