Man Injures Neck, Loses Tooth at Kaiser Hospital, He Claims
2-19-2014 23:55:00

     PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) - Kaiser owes a man $30,000 after an examination table collapsed, injuring his neck and knocking out a tooth, he claims in a Multnomah County complaint.
     Veille Arthur was at Kaiser’s Division Clinic on March 26, 2013 for an electro-cardiagram, but when he went to lie back on an examination table, part of the table "smashed to the floor," "resulting in injury to plaintiff’s neck, the loss of a tooth, and tremendous pain and suffering,” according to the complaint.
     Arthur sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest, alleging hospital staff should have made sure the table was functioning properly. “Defendant failed to check if the table top was secured or failed to secure the table top before having plaintiff lay back on it,” the complaint states.
     He is suing for non-economic damages of $30,000 on top of litigation costs.
     Representing the plaintiff is Patrick Mackin, in Portland. 1401-00882