$3 Million Sought for Botched Colonoscopy
1-12-2015 22:54:00

ARLINGTON, Va. (CN) - A Kaiser doctor left a quarter-sized perforation in a man’s colon, he claims in Arlington County Circuit Court.

     Andehaimanot G. Asihel seeks $3 million in his lawsuit against Bradley J. Winston, M.D. and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group, claiming medical malpractice, negligence, failure to inform, and battery.
     According to the lawsuit, Asihel had a colonoscopy in Dec. 2012. “During the procedure defendant Winston removed a submucosal lesion with a snare,” it states.
     The next day, Asihel needed emergency surgery to repair a quarter-sized hole caused by Winston’s use of the snare, according to the complaint.
     Kaiser and Winston’s care was not consistent with prevailing standards in Virginia, Asihel contends. They did not give him enough information about the risks he faced or tell him about safer alternatives, he says.
     “The defendants also breached their duty when defendant Winston perforated the plaintiff’s bowel during the colonoscopy; when he failed to notice the quarter sized perforation he caused; when he used a snare to remove a submucosal lesion; and when he decided to remove the lesion instead of performing a biopsy,” the complaint states.
     “The defendants and their employees also breached their duties to the plaintiff by not monitoring him appropriately following the colonoscopy and discharging him without noticing and/or responding to the signs and symptoms of a large colon perforation,” it continues.
     Asihel says his injuries are permanent and he will need treatment in the future. Asihel is represented by Matthew J. O’Herron of Turbitt, O’Herron & Leach in Burke, Va.