Woman Claims Unnecessary Operation and Nerve Damage
2-10-2015 23:57:00

VALLEJO, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser doctors were negligent in their treatment of a woman, leading to permanent injuries, she claims in a Solano Superior Court complaint.

Rebecca Kellogg visited a Kaiser hospital in Vallejo, Calif. for undisclosed medical treatment, but unnecessarily ended up on the operating room table and sustained a nerve injury resulting in “pain and tingling while chewing, and permanent numbness in her lower lip, cheeks and gums,” according to the complaint.
The injury has cost her time away from work and expenses for future treatment and care, she says.
Kellogg sued Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser Vallejo Hospital and Doctors Paul Martin and Steven Tornabene for medical negligence. She seeks general damages, medical and incidental expenses, past and future wages and costs.
Kellogg is represented by E.S. Deacon of Wilcoxen Callaham, in Sacramento, Calif.