Progressive Vision Loss After Botched Eye Surgery, Woman Claims
2-11-2015 00:20:00

PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) - A woman lost 65 percent of her vision and sustained physical damage to her left eye following a surgical procedure, she claims in a Multnomah County court.

Peggy Schiller underwent cataract surgery on her left eye at Kaiser’s Sunnyside Medical Center in September 2013, but experienced “extreme and painful” pressure, light sensitivity and swelling following the procedure. She claims Kaiser staff measured the eye’s intraocular pressure, finding it to be “dangerously high,” but never took any steps to relieve or monitor the pressure.
“In an apparent effort to diagnose and/or treat plaintiff’s postoperative symptoms, defendants also performed a YAG capsulotomy, which caused additional damage to plaintiff’s eye, resulting in additional vision loss,” according to the complaint.
Schiller claims that by January 2014, the vision in her left eye had been reduced by 65 percent.
“In February 2014, defendants referred plaintiff to the Casey Eye Institute, where it was determined that one of the haptics placed by defendants during surgery … had not been fastened to the capsule, thus was hanging loose,” the complaint states.
Kaiser doctors were not successful in their attempt to repair the problem, according to the complaint.
“In June 2014, defendants told plaintiff that her left eye had been so damaged by their failure to control her intraocular pressure and inflammation, and the multiple surgical interventions, that there was essentially nothing they could do to restore her vision or prevent the continuing, progressive loss of vision,” the complaint states.
Schiller sued Northwest Permanente and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals for medical negligence. She seeks non-economic damages of $450,000 and economic damages of $75,000, for a total of $525,000.
Schiller is represented by David Miller of Miller & Wagner, in Portland.