Catheter Broke Off in Man, He Claims
2-13-2015 23:25:00

LOS ANGELES (CN) - A catheter broke off in a man’s pancreatic duct, leaving him in a wheelchair, he claims in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Central District.

     Ted Simpson, 85, sued Boston Scientific Corporation for product liability and negligence and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals for professional negligence.
     In his lawsuit, Simpson says he spent 15 days in the hospital, including at least two full days in intensive care, when a Hurricane Rx Single Use Biliary Balloon Dilation Catheter broke off during a procedure to remove stones from his pancreatic duct. He blames Boston Scientific, as the catheter manufacturer, and Kaiser for the mishap.
     The complaint describes the dilation catheter as “a device used for stretching ducts in the human body which are too narrow.” It is inserted and guided with an endoscope, the complaint says.
     “Upon inflation of the 8mm dilation catheter in the mid pancreatic duct, the balloon burst and could not be removed. Thereafter, the dilation catheter broke with the frayed end remaining in plaintiff’s body causing extensive internal injuries. The procedure was abandoned, and plaintiff remained intubated and sedated and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit,” the complaint states.
     “Plaintiff remained intubated and sedated in the ICU while his family was informed of the disastrous procedure and failure of the defective dilation catheter,” it states.
     The next day, doctors tried again, it continues.
     “Using forceps, the proximal end of the dilation catheter was grabbed and pulled out through plaintiff’s mouth. However, portions of the dilation catheter remained in plaintiff’s pancreatic duct. Unable to remove the remaining portions of the dilation catheter, the malpractice defendants terminated the procedure and kept plaintiff intubated and sedated,” the complaint states.
     A third attempt, in which a representative of Boston Scientific participated, was also unsuccessful, according to the complaint.
     On the fourth try, a Kaiser doctor “performed an invasive surgery to remove the defective dilation catheter and its component parts,” the complaint states.
     Simpson was hospitalized 15 days before being transferred to a rehabilitation center, according to the complaint.
     “As a direct result of the incident, plaintiff is now permanently bound to a wheelchair and continues to suffer from severe permanent scarring, disfigurement, loss of muscle use, dexterity, range of motion, pain and stiffness. Plaintiff also suffered, and continues to suffer, from extreme and severe emotional distress, including nightmares, anxiety, depression, stress and unstable emotions,” the complaint states.
     Ted Simpson seeks general, special, and punitive damages, costs of suit, prejudgment interest and a jury trial. He is represented by Ryan D. Saba and Jonathan S. Dennis of Rosen Saba in Beverly Hills.