Kaiser Reconstruction Blamed for Prosthesis Instead of Breasts
3-17-2015 00:45:00

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (CN) - A woman needs a prosthesis after a series of botched breast surgeries, she claims in Kern County Superior Court.

     Donna Shamrell sued Gordon Mitts, M.D. Inc., Gordon Mitts, M.D. and Kaiser Permanente for medical malpractice. W.A. Shamrell also sued for loss of consortium.
     According to the four-page complaint, Mitts treated Donna Shamrell from some time in 2011 until Nov. 2013.
     “After a long series of continuous and frustrating and negligently performed surgeries, Donna Shamrell was caused to, among other things wear a prosthesis as opposed to having implants – all to Donna Shamrell’s harm,” the complaint states.
     Severe pain also was a result. “On or about Nov. 21, 2013 Donna Shamrell had the following operation done by other health care providers: debridement of right chest wall sinus; removal foreign suture material; partial debridement of latissimus dorsi flap,” it states.
     “The conduct and negligent care and other tortious acts of Mitts caused plaintiff Donna Shamrell pain, emotional distress and the requirement that Donna Shamrell wear and use a prosthesis as opposed to having breast implants. Breast implants as opposed to a cumbersome and emotionally jolting prosthesis would have been the normal result of the procedures for which Donna Shamrell presented when placed under the care of Mitts and defendants,” it continues.
     The Shamrells seek general and special damages, prejudgment interest and costs of suit. They are represented by Frederick C. Kumpel in Bakersfield.