Man Tripped and Fell on Kaiser’s Stairs, He Claims
5-28-2015 23:13:00

(CN) - Kaiser should have properly maintained a set of stairs that caused a man to slip and fall, he says in an Alameda County Superior Court complaint.

Gregory Jenison was walking down a flight of stairs at a Kaiser hospital when he suddenly slipped, fell and sustained undisclosed injuries. He says Kaiser should have known the staircase did not meet safety requirements and posed a danger to visitors.
“The injury caused in this instance was due to stairs that were not to code, and defendants knew and have known that such stairs were not to code and posed a great hazard of causing just this type of incident and injury in the event of May 13, 2013,” according to the complaint.
Jenison claims that others have been injured on the stairs in the past and that Kaiser had a duty to take care of the problem.
Kaiser had "knowledge that other individuals and customers had suffered significant injuries due to the substandard stairs," the complaint states. It also alleges Kaiser's "conduct was known, intentional, malicious and without due care," which would entitle him to punitive damages.
Jenison sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals for premises liability. He seeks exemplary and non-economic damages, medical and incidental expenses, loss of earnings, prejudgment interest and costs.
Jenisen is represented by Daniel Del Rio and Robert Carichoff, of Del Rio Carichoff, in Sacramento, Calif.