Kaiser Botched Circumcision, Boy’s Guardian Claims
8-14-2015 01:30:00

     RIVERSIDE, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser left excess skin on a baby’s penis, his guardian ad litem claims in a pro per lawsuit in Riverside County Superior Court.

     Preston Allen Dozier, III, now three years old, sued Southern California Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Kaiser Permanente, through his guardian ad litem Nicole Byrum, for medical malpractice and negligent infliction of emotional distress.
     According to the lawsuit, baby Preston was born Nov. 17, 2011 and circumcised the next day.
     “As a result of the negligently performed procedure and post procedure care, plaintiff Preston Allen Dozier III has suffered excess skin on his penis shaft as well as reconnecting skin to the tip of his penis . . . which is pulled and tearing when his penis gets erect and will continue to tear and pull as he grows,” the complaint states.
     He will need corrective surgery in the future and it may not be covered by his current health plan, the complaint continues. He is expected to have “additional scarring as well as emotional stress and pain and suffering,” it states.
     Nicole Byrum seeks non-economic damages, hospital and medical expenses, damages for current and future emotional pain and suffering and costs of suit for Preston.