Kaiser Brushes Off Paint Company, It Claims
9-18-2015 22:25:00

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser and its construction contractor owe unpaid painting bills, the painting company claims in Riverside County Superior Court.

     Johnson & Turner Painting Company, Inc. sued C.W. Driver, aka Driver Incorporated, Kaiser Permanente and Kaiser Permanente International Services for breach of contract, account stated and foreclosure of a mechanic’s lien.
     According to the lawsuit, Kaiser hired C.W. Driver as the general contractor for a new facility called the Kaiser Meridian MOB TI Buildout in Jan. 2014. Originally, C.W. Driver agreed to pay Johnson & Turner $108,860 for its work, but change orders moved the cost up to $209,072, it says.
     Johnson & Turner recorded a mechanics’ lien on an outstanding balance of $153,030 in July, 2014, according to the complaint. Since then, C.W. Driver paid some of the money, but a balance of $109,760 remained on Sept. 1, which climbed to $110,691 by the time the lawsuit was filed on Oct. 2, according to the complaint.
     Johnson & Turner Painting Company is represented by John J. Gulino in Santa Ana.