Kaiser Door Slams Woman in Head
9-18-2015 22:44:00

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CN) - Kaiser failed to mark a dangerous area in one of its offices, leading to a head injury, a woman claims in a Superior Court complaint.

Martha Ann Blackman was visiting her doctor at a Kaiser facility for a medical appointment and was being led to an examination room when a door suddenly flew open as she passed, hitting her in the head and causing her to fall to the ground, the complaint states.
She claims the impact resulted in head and knee injuries.
Blackman, who was struck on the left side of the head, was given an ice pack and told she was not the first person to be injured by the “unmarked and hazardous” area.
She sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, The Permanente Medical Group Inc. and Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program for negligence. She says Kaiser should have done something about the hazardous area before someone got hurt.
“It was only after plaintiff’s injury that … a warning sign was installed in the hazardous area,” according to the complaint.
Blackman is suing for general damages, medical expenses, loss of income and costs.
She is represented by Todd Murray, in Sacramento.