Six-Year-Old Died of Horse Injuries, Her Parents Claim
9-19-2015 00:37:00

OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) - A canceled airlift after a horse-trampling contributed to a six-year-old’s death, her parents claim in Alameda County Superior Court.

     Adrian Hurel and Kathleen Hoshimi sued Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., The Permanente Medical Group, Inc., Hospital Comunitario San Felipe, Jorge Humberto Marquez Ramirez, M.D., Israel Carreno Santiago, M.D., All The Pretty Horses of Baja Rides and Rescue, David Root, Randy Redmon and Krystal Redmon. Kathleen Hoshimi also sued as guardian ad litem for the couple’s surviving daughter Kalista Hurel. The family alleges negligence, medical negligence, wrongful death and bystander emotional distress.
     David Root and the Redmons were responsible for an unruly horse, which they brought to (non-party) Pete’s Campground in San Felipe, Baja California, where the Hurel Family was vacationing, according to the complaint.
     On Nov. 29, 2013, six-year-old Carys, 10-year-old Kalista and David Root, the horse’s owner, held hands as they walked along the Mexican beach, according to the complaint. Parents Adrian Hurel and Kathleen Hoshimi were walking some distance behind them along with another man named Richard, it says.
     “Because the horse had not been properly secured and due to its unruly nature, it broke free and ran toward defendant David Root and Carys and Kalista Hurel. Defendant David Root released the girls’ hands and directed the horse in the direction of Carys Hurel. The horse trampled Carys causing her to sustain serious and fatal injuries,” the complaint states.
     According to its website, All The Pretty Horses of Baja Rides and Rescue provides horses for group and individual rides after rehabilitating them from past maltreatment.
     “It’s not just that they have been rescued from undernourished, unsanitary conditions or marginal care with little attention; it’s that they have been LOVED to health,” the website states.
     Carys’ parents contend she still might have lived if she had been given proper medical care after the incident.
     Hospital Comunitario San Felipe “failed to provide reasonable and necessary medical care for Carys Hurel after she was injured by being trampled by a horse. As a result of the defendants’ negligence, Carys Hurel died,” the complaint states.
     Kaiser “failed to reasonably provide necessary medical assistance or advice for the emergency care or transportation of Carys Hurel, failed to timely arrange for or authorize air transport of Carys Hurel, canceled such emergency transportation after it had been arranged, and failed to timely or properly communicate or access the proper channels of communication so that Carys Hurel might receive reasonable, timely and proper medical treatment. As a result of defendants’ negligence, Carys Hurel died,” it states.
     The Hurel family seeks general and compensatory damages, hospital and medical expenses and burial and funeral expenses. They are represented by Robert H. Bohn, Jr. of Bohn & Fletcher in San Jose.