Kaiser Accused of Bad IUD Insertion
10-27-2015 23:20:00

     SAN DIEGO (CN) - An incorrectly inserted IUD perforated a woman’s uterus and did not prevent pregnancy, the new mother claims in San Diego County Superior Court.

     Desirey Morrison and Jack Blomquist sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Inc., Southern California Permanente Medical Group, Inc. and a doctor – Silverio T. Chavez, M.D., for general negligence and personal injury.
     The lawsuit does not define Morrison and Blomquist’s relationship.
     According to the lawsuit, Morrison learned she was pregnant in July, 2014, about 10 months after Dr. Chavez inserted her IUD at Kaiser’s Otay Mesa facility in San Diego. Her daughter Brooklyn was born the following February, it says.
     Morrison learned “that the pregnancy had occurred, at least in part, due to Dr. Chavez’s negligent placement of the Mirena IUD and defendants’ negligent follow-up care which had caused the IUD to move, penetrate her uterine wall and lodge in her abdomen, outside of her uterus,” (Pg. 5) the complaint states.
     Desirey Morrison seeks general and compensatory damages for wage loss, hospital and medical expenses and loss of earning capacity. Jack Blomquist seeks damages for loss of consortium. They are represented by Brian L. Burchett of the Burchett Law Firm in San Diego.