Painful Penis Pump at Kaiser, Man Claims
11-10-2015 00:08:00

     SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CN) - A Kaiser doctor or other medical worker painfully squeezed a man’s penis pump, then knocked him to the floor, the man claims in Sacramento County Superior Court.

     Michael Loudon sued Kaiser Permanente and Michael Novotny assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Loudon also sued Kaiser Permanente for negligent hiring, training and supervision.
     According to Loudon’s lawsuit, he uses a wheelchair and an installed penis pump. He visited Kaiser’s Morse Avenue facility in Sacramento on Oct. 22, 2013, to have his penis pump checked because it was not working correctly, he says.
     “During Novotny’s examination of plaintiff, Novotny handled plaintiff’s penis in an unacceptable and painful manner. Novotny squeezed plaintiff’s penis pump as many as six to seven times in an apparent attempt to cycle the non-working pump. After a few pumps, the pain Novotny was inflicting on plaintiff was immeasurable. Plaintiff yelled out in pain several times and asked that Novotny stop but his pleas went ignored and Novotny continued to vigorously squeeze plaintiff’s penis,” the complaint states.
     Loudon, who was standing up at the time with his pants down around his ankles, brushed Novotny’s hands away, according to the complaint.
     Novotny stood up and screamed, “Do not touch the doctor!” as he hit Loudon in the chest with both hands, knocking him to the floor, according to the complaint. Loudon fell backwards over his wheelchair, bruising his left calf on the lever, it says.
     “With plaintiff’s pants still around his ankles, plaintiff returned to his standing position and lunged toward Novotny with out-stretched arms in self-defense. Novotny grabbed plaintiff’s right wrist with both his hands and plaintiff gave a verbal warning that Novotny ‘not make the mistake of mishandling me.’ Plaintiff then told Novotny not to touch him anymore and started to dress himself,” the complaint states.
     Michael Loudon seeks general and punitive damages, medical and related expenses, costs of suit, attorney’s fees, investigation fees, expert witness fees and a jury trial. He is represented by Justin L. Ward of The Ward Firm in Sacramento.