Woman Nearly Dies From IV Bubbles, She Claims
2-8-2016 23:53:00

OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) -  A woman seized, went into shock and stopped breathing when Kaiser administered her an IV that contained bubbles, she claims in a complaint filed in Alameda County Superior Court Monday.

Bibiana Ike sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc.; Kaiser Foundation Hospitals; The Permanente Medical Group Inc.; Ayra Puno Dee; and Cheyenne Lang for medical negligence and personal injury. 
Ike, a nurse, went to Kaiser South San Francisco with nausea, for which Kaiser administered an IV, she said.
“However, there were large quantities of bubbles in the IV which resulted in shock, seizures, respiratory failure, pulmonary edema, metabolic acidosis and loss of consciousness,” according to the complaint.
The next day an echocardiogram showed bubbles on the right and left sides of her heart, the complaint states.
It took two days to stabilize her after she nearly died, it continues.
After she was transferred, Seton Medical Center confirmed injury from excessive bubbles, the complaint states. 
Due to this incident, Ike for the rest of her life is at a higher risk of heart failure, she says. This causes emotional distress, restricts the type of job positions she can accept in her field as a registered nurse, limiting her to lower stress positions which pay less, according to the complaint.
She seeks hospital and medical expenses, and wage loss and loss of earning capacity damages.
Ike is represented by Nikolaus Reed of San Francisco.