Doctor Burned Woman's Breast With Heat Lamp, She Claims
6-6-2016 23:31:00

DENVER, Colo. (CN) – Doctors burned a woman’s breast during a biopsy, the woman claims in Denver County District Court.

            Fredie Mooney-Pettersen and her husband Gary Pettersen sued Dr. Deborah Shaw, Yvonne Hunter, and Colorado Permanente Medical Group PC dba Kaiser Permanente Colorado. 
            Mooney-Pettersen says Shaw and Hunter did a biopsy on her left breast in May 2014.
            “During the biopsy, one or more defendants burned plaintiff Mooney-Pettersen’s right breast, but did not tell plaintiff, who could not feel the burn because of an anesthetic administered for the biopsy,” the complaint states.
            Mooney-Pettersen claims the doctors left her breast exposed to the heat lamp for too long and did not notice when the edge of a rectangular opening on a compression plate touched her skin.
            A reasonably careful physician would have done the biopsy fast enough to avoid burning the patient, They also would have prevented the lamp from getting overheated and kept it far enough away from the patient to avoid contact, the complaint states.
            Kaiser’s incompetence caused Mooney-Pettersen to suffer disfigurement, pain, suffering, and severe emotional distress we well as loss of wages and medical expenses, according to the complaint.
            Her husband is suing for loss of consortium.
            They seek unspecified damages for medical malpractice and negligence.
            They are represented by Paul Gordon with Gordon & Melun.