Woman Blames Miscarriage on Puddle of Sanitizer
6-6-2016 23:59:00

     SAN DIEGO (CN) – A pregnant woman miscarried after slipping on a substance leaking from a hand sanitizer dispenser, the woman claims in San Diego County Superior Court.

            Misty Translavina sued Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, and Southern California Permanente Medical Group on May 27.
            On the evening of April 8, 2015, Translavina says, she went to the Kaiser hospital at Zion Ave. to check on her fiancé, who had been admitted for abdominal pain, and tell him that the at-home pregnancy test she had taken was positive.
            “When she exited the elevator into the hallway, to walk toward her fiancé’s room, without warning she slipped and fell due to an unknown slippery substance on the hospital floor,” the complaint states.
            She was several weeks pregnant when she fell -- "violently"  twisting her lower body right and her upper body left, and then landing on her right hip and abdominal area, according to the complaint.
            Translavina claims the culprit was a leaky hand sanitizer dispenser, which had dripped so much goo there was a "pool" of it on the floor. 
Since the dispenser’s catch-tray was overflowing it had likely been leaking for some time, and Kaiser should have known that the puddle of hand sanitizer posed a danger to anyone walking nearby, the complaint states.
When Translavina told her fiancé what happened, he urged her to tell the head nurse on duty. But the nurse did not offer to evaluate her and “acted indifferent” when Translavina showed her the puddle where she slipped, according to the complaint.
The next morning, Translavina says, she woke up sore and in pain. Concerned about her pregnancy, she immediately visited her OB/GYN, who confirmed her pregnancy and told her to relax as much as possible.
Though she obeyed the doctor’s orders, three days later she woke up with vaginal bleeding and made an appointment for a blood test to check her HCG (human chorionic gonadoptropin) levels, which indicate when a woman is pregnant, the complaint states.
When she returned to the doctor a few days later, Translavina says, she was told that she had lost her baby.
She says the news was “emotionally devastating” and caused her to suffer “a series of anxiety attacks and deep emotional distress." 
Had Kaiser kept its floors clean, Translavina says, she would probably still be pregnant.
She seeks general damages, reimbursement for medical expenses and lost earnings for premises liability and negligence.
She is represented by Eliyahu Yuli Kaplunovsky of Sunnyvale.