Seizures Blamed on Lack of Seizure Meds
9-16-2016 23:25:00

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A woman claims she had two seizures under Kaiser’s care because the doctors refused to let her have her medication, in San Francisco County Superior Court.

            Penelope Zouzounis sued Kaiser Permanente South San Francisco Medical Center, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, and the Permanente Medical Group

            Zouzounis says she was admitted to the hospital on June 19 last year for abdominal pains. When her caregiver noticed that her seizure medicine was not included on her list of active medications, they asked the nurse admitting her to add it on.

            Though the nurse acknowledged this request, she never added the medication to the list, according to the complaint.

            Zouzounis says the hospital knew she had a seizure condition because it was listed in her medical records. Nevertheless, the doctors did not give her seizure medication, and she had two seizures while under their care.

            She seeks economic damages for medical expenses and general damages for medical malpractice and managed care negligence.

            She is represented by Jeremy Jessup with the Dolan Law Firm.