Parents Blame Mother and Child Injuries on Poor Baby Care
10-17-2016 16:03:00

RIVERSIDE, Calif (CNS) - A baby was physically and emotionally injured by in appropriate prenatal, labor and delivery and postnatal care of the child's mother, the baby's parents complain in a lawsuit filed in Riverside County Superior Court.

Irvin Silva and Cecilia Martinez, on behalf of herself and her minor child, Reyli Gael Silva sued Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Kaiser Foundation Healthplan Inc., and Southern California Permanente Medical Group for medical malpractice. 
Cecilia Martinez visited defendants' facilities on September 25, 2012 to deliver her child. During her delivery, defendants' provided, "negligent obstetrical, hospital and neonatal care," according to the complaint. 
Irvin Silva witnessed, "fetal heart decelerations, and, despite requests, defendants refused to help or remedy the problem and refused a prompt cesarean section," the complaint states.
Due to the negligence of the defendants, Reyli Gael Silva "was injured in his health, strength and activity, suffered severe physical and emotional injury," according to the complaint. 
Additionally, Reyli Gael Silva "has incurred and will in the future incur expenses for medical care, nursing care, attendant care, rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, educational therapy, and related expenses," the complaint continues. 
The plaintiffs seek non-economic and economic damages as well as legal interest. 
The Silvas are represented by Philip Michels of Los Angeles.