Cancer Misdiagnosis Led to Untimely Death, Widower Claims
2-23-2017 16:20:00

     PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) – A breast cancer misdiagnosis led to a woman’s untimely death, her widower claims in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

     Randall N. Thurman personal representative for the Estate of Louise Gail Thurman, sued Northwest Permanente, P.C., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Inc., Kaiser Foundation health Plan of the Northwest, and Brigitte K. Nixon, M.D., for medical negligence.
     According to the lawsuit, Louise Thurman was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2013, and followed doctors’ recommendations to have a lumpectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
     That treatment was based on a faulty diagnosis, Randall Thurman claims, of invasive ductal carcinoma. In September, the original specimen was re-examined and Louise Thurman was given a new and correct diagnosis – of invasive neuroendocrine carcinoma, according to the complaint.
     Randall Thurman blames Kaiser for his wife’s death the following January.
     “As a result of defendants’ negligence, Louise Thurman’s breast cancer spread to other parts of her body and caused her death. Had the pathological diagnosis of Mrs. Thurman’s breast tissue removed at the time of her lumpectomy been correct, Mrs. Thurman’s surgical and medical treatment of her breast cancer would have been different and, to a reasonable degree of medical probability, she would not have died on January 28, 2014,” the complaint states.
     Randall Thurman seeks costs and disbursements, $2 million in non-economic damages $100,000 in economic damages and a jury trial. He is represented by David K. Miller of Miller & Wagner in Portland and Thomas Rask of Kell, Alterman & Runstein in Portland.