Kaiser Tells Injured Man He’s Fine, Man Claims
3-1-2017 23:38:00

     ROSEVILLE, Calif. (CN) – A construction worker claims Kaiser underdiagnosed his work-related injuries, in Placer County Superior Court.

            Shawn McCray, acting as his own attorney, sued Kaiser Permanente Medical Group and Dr. James Lee for medical malpractice.
            McCray says he was working as a plasterer on a jobsite when scaffolding collapsed, crushing him. He went to Kaiser and was seen by Dr. Lee, who told him he was not seriously hurt and could go back to work.
            But the pain never went away, so McCray went back to Kaiser almost two years later. This time the doctors ordered tests, which indicated that he actually was seriously injured and needed surgery, according to the complaint. 
            The complaint does not specify his injuries.
            McCray seeks general damages, medical injuries damages, and lost income and benefits from being unable to work due to his injuries.
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