Nurse Claims Kaiser Sacked Her for Caring for Her Sick Daughter
3-17-2017 23:24:00

LOS ANGELES (CN) – A nurse claims Kaiser fired her for taking a day off to care for her very sick daughter, in Los Angeles County Superior Court Central District.

Dorothy Padro sued AMN Healthcare Inc. and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, alleging discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination.
Padro started working for the defendants as a nurse in Dec. 2009. About a month later her daughter became very ill with an autoimmune disease that caused skin rashes and muscle weakness, and Prado asked for time off to care for her.            
Though Kaiser denied her request for time off, Padro says, she missed one day of work anyway to be with her daughter.
A week later, Kaiser fired her for missing work though she had told her supervisor ahead of time that she would be out, the complaint states.
When Padro applied to return to work with AMN and Kaiser five years later, she found out she was listed as a non-rehire with Kaiser. She called Kaiser and asked to speak to a manager about the situation, but no one ever called her back, according to the complaint.
Kaiser’s decision to list her as a non-rehire as a result of its “initial discriminatory conduct to terminate plaintiff based on her need for family leave based on her daughter’s medical condition” has caused her to suffer emotional distress, depression, anxiety, and an inability to find work, the complaint states.
Padro seeks punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, and other court costs.
She is represented by Kaveh Elihu with the Employee Justice Legal Group.