Two Eye Surgeries Because Fragments not Removed, Man Says
3-24-2017 20:00:00

DENVER (CN) – A man claims he had to have two eye surgeries because Kaiser doctors did not remove all the fragments from his former lens replacement before putting in the new one, in Denver County District Court.

Douglas Greer sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado, Colorado Permanente Medical Group, and Dr. David Litcoff, alleging medical malpractice.
Greer went to Kaiser in mid-November 2014 to have his intraocular lens  an artificial lens that replaces the natural lens after cataract surgery  removed and replaced with a new one.
But the surgeon did not completely remove all the fragments of the old lens before inserting the new one into his eye, according to the complaint.
Immediately after the surgery, Greer says, he suffered headaches, blurry vision, and saw “streaks of white glare.” During a follow up appointment six weeks later, the surgeon noted his complaints and said the new lens may have been incorrectly placed, or that a fragment of the old lens was still in Greer’s eye.
Greer sought a second opinion with a doctor, who determined that, based on increased pressure in Greer’s eye, the new lens was indeed sitting on top of fragments from the old lens, according to the complaint. 
The new doctor recommended surgery, which Greer underwent, the complaint states. But since it took Kaiser so long to figure out what was wrong, Greer says, he now has permanent vision loss and distorted vision, as well as emotional distress and an impaired quality of life.
Greer seeks pre- and post-judgment interest, court costs and fees, and other relief the court may deem appropriate.
He is represented by Cory Holtman with the Gaiennie Law Office.