Botched Diagnosis Leads to Multiple Amputations, Woman Claims
4-10-2017 21:00:00

ROCKVILLE, Md. (CN) – A woman claims she lost her legs and hands because Kaiser did not properly diagnose her serious infection, in a complaint filed in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

Amanda Flores Sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic  States and Dr. Olabisi Aduke Kuti for medical malpractice.
Flores says she went to Kaiser in early November 2014 with congestion, yellow phlegm, and a cough, which she had had for two weeks. Since her symptoms were consistent with a bacterial infection, she was prescribed a course of antibiotics.
When she did not get better, she went back to Kaiser a few days before Christmas and told Dr. Kuti, her treating physician, that her symptoms were getting worse and now included sinus pressure, headaches, sore throat, fever, and body aches. Her blood pressure was also lower than normal, and her heart rate faster than normal.
She claims her symptoms should have prompted Kuti to run additional tests, such as assessing her oxygen saturation and ordering chest x-rays, but he did nothing. She also claims he should have suspected that she had a serious bacterial infection and should have given her antibiotics or admitted her to the hospital, but he did not do that either.
Because she was not properly treated, her condition worsened and she came back to Kaiser on Christmas Eve with diarrhea, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. After doctors realized her white blood count was consistent with sepsis, a severe tissue inflammation caused by harmful bacteria and their toxins, she was taken to another hospital by ambulance, according to the complaint.
There, she was diagnosed with septic shock, multi-organ failure, kidney failure and buildup of both lactic and other acid in her body. Further tests were positive for a strep infection and showed she had dangerously inadequate blood supply to her arms and legs.
Given her condition, she was transported to another hospital and underwent bilateral above-the-knee and above-the-wrist amputations, the complaint states.
Had Dr. Kuti properly diagnosed her infection and given her proper treatment, Flores says, she might still have her hands and legs.
She seeks “damages that will adequately and fairly compensate her” for her loss and suffering.
She is represented by H. Briggs Bedigian with Gilman & Bedigian of Timonium.