Patient Claims Many Surgeries Needed After Bowel Punctured
6-16-2017 01:16:00

ARLINGTON, Va. (CN) – A Kaiser doctor punctured a patient’s bowels during a hysterectomy, she claims in Arlington County Circuit Court.

Deborah Essex sued the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group and Dr. Stella Blosser.
Essex went to Kaiser in May 2015 to have her enlarged uterus removed because of non-cancerous tumors growing in the lining of her womb. Complicating the surgery, she had dense pelvic adhesions, scar tissue that can block the fallopian tubes, and adhesions in her bowels.
Instead of asking for assistance from a more experienced surgeon, Dr. Blosser did the surgery on her own and ended up puncturing Essex’s bowel, according to the complaint.
“As a result of defendant’s failure to remove the uterus without perforating the bowel and failing to properly inspect the bowel upon completing the surgery, the plaintiff exhibited symptoms of sepsis, was saddled with a colostomy bag, and endured multiple surgeries to correct over the following months,” the complaint states.
Essex seeks $1.3 million for medical malpractice and negligence.
She is represented by James Johnson of Woodbridge.