Kaiser Worker Fired After Questioning Missing Pay, She Says
10-3-2017 23:19:00

GREENBELT, Md. (CN) – A recently promoted Administrative Assistant working for Kaiser claims she was fired after repeatedly asking about four hours her supervisor removed from her timecard.

Hanecia Green sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan for retaliation under the Fair Labor Standards Act, in her case filed in U.S. District Court, Maryland, Southern Division.
Green says she worked for Kaiser from October 2014 to March 2017. Until February 2017, she had received no prior negative performance reviews or counseling, according to the action. In January, Green says she noticed there were four hours missing from her paycheck for the month of December, the first month in her new position as Administrative Assistant under Sherrie Wilson.
When Green asked Wilson about the missing four hours, “Mrs. Wilson stated that she had altered Ms. Green’s time card and had removed these four hours as there had been many errors in Ms. Green’s timekeeping. Ms. Green had not heard about any errors regarding her timekeeping or the removal of these four hours until then,” according to the suit. 
Green emailed Wilson about the missing hours several times, but was not paid for them through January, she says. Green also asked Clinical Operations Manger Alvarez about the matter, but was told that “she was on her own,” since she was not a union employee, the suit says.
The day after discussing the matter with Alvarez, Green says Wilson emailed her to set up a meeting regarding the Alvarez conversation, in which Green says she was told not to bring up payroll issues with clinical managers. At that time, Green was also given a performance expectation sheet to sign for supposedly failing to arrange meeting tables correctly, and shortly after, Green says, she was reprimanded for exceeding her hours by 45 minutes in the previous two-week pay period, and for missing an email request to set up a meeting. Green was then fired, according to the action.
Green seeks an injunction preventing Kaiser from violating the Fair Labor Standards Act, an award for wages and liquidated damages, including interest and legal costs.
Green is represented by Robert J. Baror of the Baror Law Firm LLC in Bethesda, Maryland.