Kaiser Boss Harassed Filipina Nurse, She Claims
7-27-2018 23:58:00

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A Kaiser boss unfairly criticized a Filipina nurse, the nurse claims in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

     Marielou Mendoza sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Southern California Permanente Medical Group for health and safety code violations, hostile work environment based on harassment, failure to prevent discrimination or harassment, retaliation, discrimination, harassment, wrongful constructive termination and defamation. Mendoza also sued a Kaiser manager, Sheri Falcone, for retaliation, discrimination, harassment and defamation.
     According to the lawsuit, Mendoza worked for Kaiser since 1991 and had risen to the level of supervisor of the Cardiac Cath Lab. Her performance reviews were positive – until Falcone came along, according to the complaint.
     “On or about August 2016 Kaiser hired Falcone and empowered her to do Kaiser’s bidding. Thereafter, Falcone, acting for and on behalf of Kaiser, began a campaign of harassment, abuse, humiliation and defamation to inflict embarrassment and emotional distress on plaintiff hoping that she would quit rather than continue to endure the pain,” the complaint states.
     Mendoza contends “racial and ethnic animus,” was behind Falcone’s long list of performance criticisms directed at her. Falcone’s criticisms of Mendoza included purported failures of communication and leadership as well as criticisms of Mendoza’s relationships with people “with different backgrounds,” according to the complaint.
     Mendoza claims Falcone’s critiques were unfounded and drove her to resign from her position.
     Marielou Mendoza seeks compensatory economic and non-economic damages, interest on lost earnings, deferred compensation and other benefits, a $25,000 civil penalty, punitive damages, restitution, injunctive relief, reinstatement, costs of suit, attorneys’ fees and a jury trial. She is represented by Charles T. Mathews of The Mathews Law Group in Arcadia.