Kaiser Blamed for Gangrene Death
8-13-2018 20:44:00

     SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (CN) – A man died of gangrene after months in-and-out of the hospital, his heir claims in San Bernardino County Superior Court.

     Corinne Hammond sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. for medical malpractice and wrongful death. She is the surviving heir of James Madison Hammond, according to the lawsuit.
     “On or about Aug. 5, 2017, decedent James Madison Hammond, who was 62 years old, died at Kaiser Ontario, after being admitted for stomach pains, blockage and gangrene, after having been discharged by Kaiser on multiple occasions, since April 2017, for the same complaints, despite low vital signs. Decedent was taken in for surgery, shortly after being diagnosed with gangrene, and died shortly thereafter,” the complaint states.
     Corinne Hammond seeks general and special damages, funeral and burial expenses, costs, pre-judgment interest, loss of decedent’s care and support and a jury trial. She is represented by Sam Tabibian and Shabnam Sarani of the Century Park law Group in Los Angeles.