Stop-Smoking Drug Caused a Stroke, Man Claims
8-24-2018 16:50:00

     SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CN) – A man had a stroke as a result of taking the prescription stop-smoking drug Chantix, he claims in Sacramento County Superior Court.

     Javad Miboudi sued Kaiser Foundation Hospitals for vicarious liability and negligence, Pfizer, Inc. for product liability, negligence and breach of warranty, and Dr. Mubashar Mohsin Mahmood for professional negligence. Miboudi’s wife Nemi Miboudi also sued for loss of consortium.
     Javad Miboudi, now 61, had a stroke at 39, according to the complaint. In April 2017, when Miboudi began seeing Dr. Mahmood as his primary care physician, he requested Pfizer’s stop-smoking drug Chantix and nicotine gum, according to the complaint.
     “Defendant Mahmood prescribed plaintiff Javad Chantix and failed to engage in any conversations regarding the risks associated with the drug for patients like plaintiff Javad. Defendant Mahmood knew or should have known the significant risk of stroke associated with Chantix to persons who had previously suffered from a stroke at the time he prescribed plaintiff Javad Chantix,” the complaint states.
     Javad Miboudi, a retailer of Persian rugs, had a nearly fatal stroke, requiring surgery, while on a business trip to Iran, just two months after starting Chantix, according to the complaint.
     “The stroke left plaintiff Javad in a dire condition, which in subsequent months proved permanent. Repeated physician visits, physical and speech therapy, acupuncture and other equipment will be required for the duration of plaintiff Javad’s life,” the complaint states.
     “Plaintiff Javad contends that being prescribed Chantix caused his stroke. As well, plaintiff Javad asserts that Chantix caused his stroke because it is unreasonably dangerous and defectively designed. Plaintiff Javad also asserts that defendant Pfizer failed to warn of the foreseeable use consequences to victims of previous cardiovascular incidents,” it continues.
     “Plaintiff Javad has no use of his right arm, is confined to a wheelchair when in public and cannot walk without use of a cane or for any considerable distance. Further, he cannot use the bathroom for himself, cannot speak in any intelligible manner or otherwise provide himself with the bounties of life,” it states.
     Javad and Nemi Miboudi seek general and special damages, prejudgment interest, costs of suit and a jury trial. They are represented by Michael Egenthal of the Egenthal Law Group in San Diego.