Kaiser Refused Accident Expenses, Woman Claims
1-3-2019 21:54:00

     BELLINGHAM, Wash. (CN) – Kaiser denied a woman’s medical expenses after an accident in Paraguay, despite her foreign claims coverage, she claims in Whatcom County Superior Court.

     Raquel Fenn, also known as Raquel Ruiz-Diaz, and her fiancé Blaine Wetzel sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington, formerly known as Group Health of Washington, for breach of contract, bad faith and violation of the Consumer Protection Act.
     “Raquel Fenn was walking across the street in Asuncion, Paraguay when a phantom vehicle hit her, then sped away from the scene. Raquel Fenn sustained fractures to her legs and hips, a shattered knee cap, and both lungs were punctured,” the lawsuit states.
     Fenn says she sent her claim for the Feb. 2015 accident to Kaiser via certified mail, but Kaiser denied it, ostensibly because it was submitted after the one-year deadline. Fenn contends her certified mail proof of service shows Kaiser received her claim at least one month before a customer service representative told her it did.
     Wetzel says he paid Fenn’s medical bills and out-of-pocket costs related to the accident and contends he is entitled to reimbursement.
     Fenn and Wetzel seek special damages for medical care and lost wages, pre-judgment interest, attorneys’ fees, costs and treble damages. They are represented by Tom Mumford of BuriFunstonMumford in Bellingham.