Misdiagnosis Left Woman Blind in One Eye, She Claims
1-12-2019 02:51:00

     SAN DIEGO (CN) – A misdiagnosis left a woman blind in one eye, she claims in San Diego County Superior Court.

     Gail L. Crawford sued Southern California Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Dr. Tim Ting-Yu Yee for professional negligence.
     According to the lawsuit, Crawford saw Dr. Yee, an optometrist, for problems with her right eye, which he misdiagnosed as viral conjunctivitis before sending her home.
     Crawford contends Dr. Yee should have referred her to an ophthalmologist, who would have correctly diagnosed her condition as acute retinal necrosis (ARN).
     A few days after Dr. Yee’s incorrect diagnosis, Crawford went back him because her symptoms were worse, according to the complaint.
     “But once again, Dr. Yee failed to send her to an ophthalmologist and instead sent her home with the same misdiagnosis as before,” the complaint states.
     When Crawford saw Dr. Yee the third time, eight days after her original visit, he gave her the referral, but it was too late, according to the complaint.
     “The ARN had advanced such that her right eye vision was not salvageable. She is now essentially blind in her right eye,” the complaint states.
     “As a result, plaintiff can no longer drive, use the steps in her home and/or perform many of her activities of daily living. Worse yet, due to her decreased vision/right eye blindness, she recently tripped and fell while coming out of a doctor appointment and fractured her foot. She spent approximately six months in a cast, totally dependent on others for all her care needs,” the complaint states.
     Gail Crawford seeks general and special damages, interest, costs of suit and a jury trial. She is represented by Andrew R. Chivinski in San Diego.