Kaiser Retaliated Against Medical Assistant, She Claims
2-6-2019 23:51:00

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Kaiser management retaliated against a medical assistant for helping a co-worker, she claims in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Celeste King sued SoCal Permanente Medical Group for retaliation and labor code violations.

According to the lawsuit, a co-worker of King’s was accused of insubordination, and King submitted a statement about the allegations. King said in her statement that the supervisor in question had wrongfully reduced the co-worker’s hours and spoken disrespectfully to and about the co-worker, according to the lawsuit. However, King contends someone re-wrote her statement to place blame on the co-worker instead of on the offending supervisor. King re-wrote and resubmitted the statement to reflect her original intent, she says.

Since that time, in Jan. 2017, King has been denied overtime although there has been no change in her schedule, according to the complaint.

“Also, plaintiff was reassigned to work with a notorious medical provider who was known to wear down and make life impossible to any assigned medical assistant,” the complaint states.

King contends these were both done in retaliation for her statement on behalf of her mistreated co-worker.

Celeste King seeks general, special and punitive damages, costs of suit, attorney fees and a jury trial. She is represented by Ronald L. Zambrano, Gary R. Carlin, Brent S. Buchsbaum and Laurel N. Haag of Carlin & Buchsbaum in Long Beach.
CNS Temporary No.E12052479