Kaiser Underpaid Doctor, He Claims
2-20-2019 19:22:00

VENTURA, Calif. (CN) – Kaiser underpaid a doctor by over $200,000, he claims in Ventura County Superior Court.

Sanjiv Goel, M.D., Inc. sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan for breach of implied-in-law-contract, services rendered, estoppel and unfair business practices.

In his lawsuit, Goel contends he and Kaiser did not have a contract requiring him to provide services to Kaiser members for less than his usual and customary fees. Therefore, Kaiser is obligated to pay him at his full rate, he claims.

Goel provided both emergency and post stabilization services to a Kaiser member, identified in the complaint only as P.H., and Goel billed Kaiser accordingly, according to the complaint.

“While defendant undertook the responsibility for paying for those services, defendant grossly underpaid Goel for those services. The aggregate amount of the underpayments amounts to no less than $244,590.68, increasing by the day, plus applicable interest at 15 percent per annum, and any applicable penalties and fees,” the complaint states.

Sanjiv Goel seeks restitution plus interest, injunctive and declaratory relief, costs of suit, attorneys’ fees and a jury trial. He is represented by Nicholas H. Van Parys of Nordic Star in Westlake Village.