New Administrator Discriminated, Intensive Care Nurse Claims
5-28-2019 23:47:00

LOS ANGELES (CN) – A new administrator discriminated against an intensive care nurse, the fired nurse claims in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Asuncion M. Redublo sued Kaiser Foundation Hospitals for age and disability discrimination, retaliation, failure to prevent and/or remedy discrimination and/or retaliation, other labor code violations, defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

According to the complaint, Redublo received positive performance reviews and promotions throughout her 30 year career at Kaiser. In 2014, she was on medical leave for six months following a stroke, and for three months in 2016 due to severe migraines, the complaint says. She was not subjected to any disciplinary actions until her department was reorganized under a new administrator, it says.

 In February 2018, Redublo asked the new administrator for a day off because of a migraine, and the administrator said, “Why won’t you retire?” according to the complaint. That same month, Redublo expressed interest in transferring from her night shift position to a day shift position, but the job went to a younger, less-experienced employee with tardiness issues, it says.

In April 2018, the new administrator presented Redublo with the first in a series of corrective Action Plans, culminating in Redublo’s termination in April 2019, according to the complaint. During this period, Redublo took a three month medical leave, “due to the disabling stress, anxiety and depression caused by the discrimination,” and filed a complaint of age and disability discrimination, it says.

After firing Redublo, the administrator circulated an e-mail saying Redublo had retired, the complaint says.

Asuncion Redublo seeks compensatory and punitive damages, interest, statutory and civil penalties, costs and reinstatement. She is represented by Jeffrey A. Rager and James Y. Yoon of The Rager Law Firm in Torrance.