Cancer, Diagnosis, Death
5-19-2008 16:53:00

     LOS ANGELES (CN) - A husband and children sued Kaiser Permanente in Superior Court. They accuse Kaiser of failing to give a timely diagnosis of uterine/ovarian cancer and to properly treat her with chemotherapy, causing her death.
     The husband Gonzalez alleges that in February 2003, his wife "presented herself to the ... Defendants, for the purpose of examination, care, consultation, and recommendation of the Defendants."
     Together with Mr. Gonzalez, the children allege that in February 2003, their mother has been "negligently examined and diagnosed ... negligently treated and cared for ... including, but not limited to failure to timely diagnose uterine/ovarian cancer in early 2003, and failure to properly treat with chemotherapy in 2007."
     Further, the suit states that the "Defendants' negligence, as aforesaid, was a substantial factor in causing the death of Gonzalez."
     The family seeks general damages as well as all loss of financial support, medical, burial and incidental expenses among others. They are represented by Thomas Weaver.