Diagnosis, Liver Transplant
1-20-2012 17:26:00

     (CN)- A woman suffered acute liver failure from a reaction to an unsafe hormone treatment prescription after she came to a Kaiser hospital complaining of uterine bleeding, according to a complaint in Georgia.
     Amina Sinotic and her husband Sefik sued two Kaiser entities and a doctor for medical malpractice from an improper prescription of a hormone treatment.
     Sinotic says she went to a Kaiser hospital in Duluth, GA in October 2010 complaining of "excessive uterine bleeding, lower pelvic pain, and at least one dizzy spell."
     Doctor Stephen Sudler wrote her a prescription for the hormone drug medroxyprogesterone, but "never ordered a basic blood profile or inquired into Ms. Sinotic's history of illnesses."
     After taking the last of the drug prescription as instructed, Sinotic says she experienced abdominal pain, and was admitted to a hospital where she was diagnosed with Budd Chiari Syndrome, which causes blood to be blocked from exiting the liver.
     The day after that diagnosis, Sinotic was transferred to another hospital with acute liver failure.
     "There it was determined that her liver was not salvageable and she was placed on the liver transplant waiting list as a priority status," the complaint says.
     The Sinotics seek $10,000 in damages and a jury trial against Dr. Sudler, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia, and the Southeast Permanente Medical Group.
     They are represented by Aleksandra Bronsted of Atlanta.