Doctors Raped Patient and 'Stole Her Weed,' She Claims
By Philip A. Janquart
2-7-2013 15:30:00

     SANTA ROSA, Calif. (CN) - Two Kaiser Permanente doctors got a patient drunk, "raped and sodomized her, exposed her to genital herpes, and then stole her weed," the patient claims in Sonoma County Superior Court.
     The patient, listed as "Jane Doe" to protect her identity, alleges in her federal complaint that her primary care physicians, Doctors Edward and Karen Rose, tricked her into getting drunk at their home and engaged her in an unprotected sexual "threesome" without her consent.
     The doctors, employed at the Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa campus, had been treating Jane Doe since July 2008 for a then-undiagnosed medical condition causing her to suffer severe and persistent pain on the right side of her abdomen, the complaint said.
     In her complaint, Jane Doe says Karen Rose was "unusually warm" with her from the start, frequently embracing her with hugs during office visits. The two ultimately became friends and, in fall of 2010, began spending time together outside the hospital's professional setting, the complaint says. They shared stories of past childhood sexual abuse. Karen also sent Jane Doe text messages that caused her to believe Karen wanted to "initiate romantic relations" with her despite the fact Jane Doe had never had sexual contact with another female, according to the complaint.
     Karen, Edward and Jane eventually began smoking cannabis together, according to the complaint, with Jane Doe, at one point, bringing three pounds of dried and processed "medical marijuana" to keep at the Roses' home. The Roses never returned it after the relationship ended, Jane Doe claims.
     Things escalated on Nov. 5, 2011 when Jane Doe and the Roses engaged in a "drinking bet" that ended with Jane Doe engaging in the threesome without consenting to it and being raped and sodomized by Karen and Edward, according to the complaint.
     "At this time, Jane Doe was too intoxicated to consent to sexual activity," the complaint states.
     Yet, Jane Doe regained consciousness long enough to find herself "stark naked in the Roses' kitchen," the complaint stated. "Edward Rose, M.D. was also naked and positioned behind Jane Doe. Karen Rose, M.D. was on the floor, positioned between Jane Doe's legs, and using her hands to sexually stimulate Jane Doe." At this point they were engaging in a "threesome," the complaint states. The complaint goes on to detail the various positions and places Jane Doe found herself that night.
     Jane Doe said in her complaint she woke the next morning in the Roses' bed, lying between the two, with a sore vagina and covered in bite marks. She re-alleges that she never consented to the sexual contact, and suggests Edward may have played a part in planning the whole affair considering her belief that he suffers from erectile dysfunction and takes medication in advance of sexual activities in order to perform.
     Jane Doe says her many encounters with Edward following the threesome were always marked by his "demonstrative" demeanor, characterized by his constant kissing, touching, groping and fondling behavior.
     "Subsequent to the threesome, Edward Rose M.D. gave the nickname 'yoni' to Jane Doe's genitalia," the complaint states. It adds other distasteful details involving text messages in which he referred to his penis as "Joey" and Jane Doe's vaginal secretions as "honey."
     He even insisted Jane Doe allow him to perform oral sex in an exam room at the Santa Rosa campus during a subsequent doctor visit, a demand to which she acquiesced, according to the complaint.
     On Dec. 12, 2011, Edward, through text message, informed Jane Doe he and Karen had exposed her to the genital herpes virus, which Edward had contracted from Karen nine years earlier.
     Jane Doe finally cut ties with the Roses on Jan. 20, 2012 and informed Kaiser Permanente of the relationship with, and behavior of, the two doctors, relaying her story to two Kaiser nurses, a nurse practitioner and a doctor. She claims that none reported it, and the nurse practitioner even told her "she would not report the sexual assault by the Roses," according to the complaint.
     Edward ultimately asked Jane Doe to lie about what happened and even suggested the two "join forces and sue the living shit out of Kaiser and split the proceeds!" the complaint said.
     Jane Doe's suit includes sexual battery, sexual harassment, negligent supervision and retention, medical malpractice, intentional violation of statutory duties, conversion and trespass to chattels.
     She is seeking special, general, exemplary, punitive and consequential damages.
     Peter Goldstone and Sarah Lewers represent the plaintiff. SCV253165