Woman Says Doctor Botched Biopsy, Punctured Lung
2-8-2013 11:08:00

MODESTO, Calif. (CN) – A woman suffered a collapsed lung and internal bleeding after a Kaiser doctor botched a lymph node biopsy.

Linda Loureiro says in her Stanislaus County court complaint that after Dr. Bradley Jerome Glenn performed a mediastinum lymph node biopsy procedure - in which he inserted an instrument into the space in the chest between the lungs to extract lymph tissue - he punctured one of her lungs and left her bleeding internally.

Loureiro and her husband, who are representing themselves, say the injuries inflicted on Linda by Kaiser and Glenn set back her recovery and - a year after the surgery - she has still not returned to her normal level of activity.
The Loureiros claim professional and general negligence, and loss of consortium.