Kaiser Fires 43-year Employee Over Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Leave, She Says
By William Dotinga
2-10-2013 13:02:00

(CN) - Kaiser Foundation Health Plan fired a senior case manager - employed since 1969 - who required medical leave to recover from multiple carpel tunnel surgeries.

Gloria Perez claims in her Los Angeles County complaint that while defendant Kaiser Foundation Health Plan accommodated her two medical leaves in 2010 after she was diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, it balked when another surgery became necessary.

"On or about March 14, 2011, plaintiff went to her physician regarding pain in her hand, in which the physician informed her that she had 'trigger fingers,' a condition which inhibited her ability to perform typing - a function of her job. This resulted in a new worker's compensation injury. She advised defendant that she would need a second surgery and some additional leave time to recover and she would be able to return to work. ... Following this disclosure, the plaintiff's supervisor and directors from human relations informed her that her employment with Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc. was terminated effective immediately. Defendant failed to even attempt further engagement with plaintiff regarding her disability and attempt to reasonably accommodate same," Perez says in her complaint.

Perez seeks damages for violations of the California Family Rights Act, disability and age discrimination, wrongful termination, breach of contract and unfair business practices. She is represented by Joshua Glotzer and Steven Sweat of Beverly Hills.