Vet Claims Botched Sinus Surgery Lost Him Earning Capacity
4-16-2013 23:32:00

LOS ANGELES (CN) - A Kaiser patient continues to need medical care, and has lost earning capacity, as a result of botched sinus surgery at Southern California Permanente Medical Group, he claims in a complaint filed in Los Angeles County Central District Superior Court.

Rajinder Sachdeva, a veterinarian, is suing for malpractice following his endoscopic maxillary sinusotomy, alleging in his complaint that Kaiser "neglected to adequately select a competent medical staff and to periodically review the competency of its medical staff and failed to adequately monitor its staff such that the plaintiff was caused to, and did suffer damages."

Sachdeva claims he will need "medical care and hospitalization for an indefinite period in the future,” as a result of the botched surgery, and that he and his wife have sustained "significant damage."

Although Sachdeva's injuries are not specified in the complaint, it says that, "plaintiff was injured in health, strength and activity, sustaining severe shock, disfigurement and injury to the body.”

He also lost earnings and earning capacity, according to the complaint.

Sachdeva’s wife, Asma, sues for loss of consortium and claims she has “suffered and is reasonably certain to suffer in the future the loss of love, companionship, comfort, affection, society, solace, moral support, enjoyment of sexual relations, enjoyment of life, and physical assistance in the operation of and maintenance of the home,” according to the complaint.

Plaintiffs are represented by Thomas Donahue of Donahue & Horrow in El Segundo.