Kaiser Doctor Cut a Nerve, Woman Says
6-28-2013 23:33:00

SALEM, Ore. (CN) - A Kaiser doctor severed a nerve during a woman’s carpal tunnel surgery, causing ongoing pain and loss of sensation in four fingers on her left hand, she claims in a complaint filed in Marion County Circuit Court.

During a carpal tunnel release procedure on Alva Cammarata’s left wrist, Dr. Tony Lin severed 40-45 percent of her left median nerve, she says in the complaint. According to Cammarata, the mishap was caused by Lin, “cutting down onto a grooved blade guide with a scalpel,” and “failing to maintain proper control of the scalpel as to avoid permanent severing of nerves,” as well as “failing to insert and/or place the grooved blade guide or scalpel where the median nerve would not be present.”

Cammarata attributes continuing decreased sensation in her thumb, index finger, long finger and part of her ring finger, to the cut nerve. She also still has pain and says “all residual pain and deficits are expected to be permanent as it is beyond one year from the median nerve laceration and repair.”

Plaintiff seeks $650,000 in damages and is represented by Ryan Jennings of Salem, Ore.