Woman Says Kaiser Blew Biopsy
7-2-2013 22:11:00

CLEVELAND, Ohio (CN) - A woman claims medical staff at a Kaiser hospital failed to properly perform a biopsy, leading to permanent injuries, she claims in Cuyahoga County’s Court of Common Pleas.

Irene Sammons visited a Kaiser hospital in Cleveland on Sept. 5, 2012 to have a biopsy performed, but staff, under the direction of Doctor Mary Carneval, did not get the job done correctly, according to the complaint.

“In particular, the hospital and physician defendants failed to properly complete a surgical biopsy when plaintiff presented for that procedure on or about Sept. 5, 2012. Moreover, the hospital defendants are liable for the acts and/or omissions of their agents, representatives or employees under the doctrines of respondeat superior, agency or agency by estoppel including acts and/or omissions of the co-defendants,” the complaint states.

As a result, Sammons has suffered “permanent and debilitating” injuries that prevent her from performing her “usual activities as well as her activities of daily living on a permanent basis,” according to the complaint.

Jeffrey A. Leikin, of Nurenburg Paris Heller & McCarthy in Cleveland, represents the plaintiff. CV 13 807066