Kaiser Blamed for Botched Lung Cancer Care
7-22-2013 16:23:00

     SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) - A Kaiser patient’s family blames Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Southern Permanente Medical Group for her death following lung cancer surgery, in a complaint filed in Orange County Superior Court.
     In Nov. 2012, Kaiser “undertook to perform a video assisted thorascopic removal of the decedent’s right lower lung carcinoma,” on Mercedes Abaoag, and failed to provide appropriate medical care, and failed to order and evaluate tests, and examine, diagnose and refer the decedent "so as to directly and legally cause decedent’s condition to deteriorate and [for her to] ultimately die,” according to the family’s complaint.
     Plaintiffs are represented by David P. Crandall of Laguna Hills. 00657718CJC